Friday, March 07, 2003 a Feb. 26 debate in the British Parliament, George Galloway, a Labor Party backbencher from Scotland, declared that "that born-again, right-wing, Bible-belting, fundamentalist Republican Administration in the United States want war." — from Bush, the Bible, and Iraq by Stan Crock of BusinessWeek

War, a new world order, and the return of Jews to the land God promised Abraham are three things Bush believes precede the return of Christ. I'm convinced he thinks that he's bringing on Armageddon. His Dad praised the new world order and W has done everything he can to increase it's skull and bones centered power. Bush has not pushed the Jews to stop expanding settlements in the land God promised Abraham. And war, well, St. Patricks day looks like it. Yup. These bible thumpers are going to screw us all to push their bullshit agenda, making themselves rich in the mean time, so they can be sitting in their mansions when the rapture comes. Anybody else think we should be sending the guys in white coats to put stright jackets on 90% of the Bush administration? Anybody else starting to realize that there's no difference between the fundamentalists in the White House who will kill civilians to meet their greedy goals, and the ones in caves in Afghanistan?

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