Wednesday, February 12, 2003

War Profiteers and Pains in the Asses

Talk of war raises gas prices and possible price gouging (war profiteers and robber barons are the same people?). Bush is big oil. Talk of war makes big oil rich. War makes Carlisle Group rich. Who owns the Carlisle Group? Wow. Big oil and big defense. A lot of the same people? Hmmmm..... What is Iraq sitting on top of? The second largest reserve of oil in the world? Hmmmm... And yet, I still hear chicken-hawks, like draft-dodger, cyst-ass Rush Limbaugh, saying Bush's war mongering isn't about oil. OK, but it sure helps, huh? Meanwhile, Bush's biggest buddies, contributors, conspirators, and future employers are getting rich off the mere talk of war. I'm sure W is happy to help out the people who got him appointed.

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