Monday, September 09, 2002

What are the National Security implications of allowing Mexican trucks into the US?

The environmental angle is reason enough to stop this madness.
The proposed presidential action once again raises a question central to the NAFTA debate: Must increased free trade come at the expense of American environmental standards and the public health?
Yet another bone-headed move from an administration that many Republicans are beginning to hate: the extreme right wing, the ones that think Jesus is coming back soon, so it's OK to screw the whole planet up, you know, the James G Watt. Terrorism is a holy war to them, too. Well, they act like it's a war, until it starts messing with their cash flow. See, Mexican trucks mean a lot of CEOS just made a nasty way to make money perfectly legal. They want to do this because it will save them a fortune in shipping to hire non-union driven, smog-belching, death traps to ship goods on US highways.

But, what kind of inspections will these trucks be subject to? Tom Ridge is talking about tightening borders, while his "boss" is going to sign a bill to let any Mexican truck in? McVey's little rental truck bomb was nothing compared to what an 18 wheeler full of oxidizer will do.

I'm beginning to think that Bush is still doing coke! Either that, or his particular brand of extreme right wing politics makes a person act like they're wasted.....

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