Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hitchens at his best

It's articles like these that I'm going to miss when Hitch is gone. In this case, he scratches the scratch-n-sniff and we get a whiff of the rotting underbelly of the right wing in America--a bunch of dolts who have to dig up their old-time hatreds because they're just to lazy to come up with anything original.

And the calling out of Douthat (who is reportedly pissed off about being called out) is just gravy on this bit of deliciousness from Hitch. Savor every word.

in reference to:

"Things that had hidden under stones are being dug up and re-released. And why? So as to teach us anew about the dangers of “spending and deficits”? It’s enough to make a cat laugh. No, a whole new audience has been created, including many impressionable young people, for ideas that are viciously anti-democratic and ahistorical. The full effect of this will be felt farther down the road, where we will need it even less."
- Tea'd Off | Politics | Vanity Fair (view on Google Sidewiki)