Sunday, September 28, 2008

We Are New Yorkers Now!

I haven't posted in months because we were moving, looking for a house to rent for months, and then moving in. We packed up and left Los Angeles after I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and told not to lift over 20 pounds ever again. That put an end to the stagehand career, so I won't be reporting from backstage anymore. I still have a lot of stagehand friends from all over the world, and I will post when I get good second hand info on that long plastic hallway, as Hunter Thompson referred to the entertainment business.

We got some great pictures from our trip. I've posted the first of those, from Yosemite National Park, over at the computer backgrounds photo blog. There are plenty more. Robin took a whole bunch of her abstract photos, including some great ones of Reno. We have some great road shots from some beautiful backroads in Wyoming. We loved Mount Rushmore and got some great pictures from there, where it snowed big, flaky snow...

We stopped for deep dish pizza on the south side of Chicago (Obama's neighborhood) and really lucked out thanks to a local man who sent us to the perfect place (Pizza Nova on 43rd). We ate that delicious pizza while we sat on the shore of Lake Michigan, in Marquette Park, near Gary, Indiana. We'll be putting those pictures up soon.

We're moved in to our new home, near Cooperstown, New York. Now that I'm out of the stage business, I'm looking for web site work. So, if you need, or know someone who needs, higher search engine rankings, please get in touch!