Saturday, February 23, 2002

Undecided, wishy-washy, uncertain, greedy assholes are ruining this world

Case in point: Over at the MSNBC top ten page, which I watch to see what the world is thinking, I see stories make the top ten about figurine dealers disapearing after taking $200,000 from bidders at e-bay. How small time is this? Not even a whole quarter million. We have an administration -- that stole the election to become illegal squatters in the White House -- that met with the Taliban and Unocal to discuss a pipeline across Afghanistan. We have the "administration" playing fast and loose with the law, scurrying Bin Laden family members (and co-owners of the Carlisle Group, along with Papa bush, James Baker, and other prominent Republicans) out of the country on a Saudi jet, while all other non-military planes were grounded, before the FBI could interview them. We have an ultra-religious idealogue resricting individual freedoms as Attorney General who refuses to let the FBI check gun purchase records to see if terrorists bought weapons (as they are instructed to do in documents found at terrorist training camps in Afghanistan). We have Bush's largest contributor, Ken Lay, with his own desk in the west wing where he interviewed prospective regulators of his company. We have these hypocrits, who promised more open, honest government refusing to release documents which prove their guilt in these, and possibly other, criminal activities. The undecided voters screw this whole country up, and are responsible for the rise of this Junta, think stories about $200,000 petty thieves at e-bay are important, while ignoring stories like: Ralph Reed saying it's not the best argument, but who and how you lobby that matters; GAO sues Cheney in Landmark case; and Letters Tie Bush to Lay. WAKE UP and smell the Nixon cologne! It's time for some outrage, not to mention a special prosecutor! We spent $78 million for Starr to investigate a blowjob! By that reasoning, we should spend at least a billion on this!

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